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Schuntel Alexis is a Washington D.C. native who has always had a keen eye for fashion and styling. She is a local fashion stylist, style expert and social butterfly. Schuntel Alexis was also the editor-in-chief of Ms. Style & Grace for 7 years in which she dedicates her time to informing her readers about the popular trends for women and men, promote fashion related events and re-inventing the way people view the world of fashion through her eyes

Schuntel Alexis graduated from Elon University with a B.A. in Political Science and Communications. Upon graduation she decided to continue her education by obtaining her M.S. in Management with a focus in Marketing at the University of Maryland. Although her dreams of becoming a lawyer changed, she has fostered her love and unique sense of styling by becoming a fashion stylist.

Schuntel Alexis has immersed herself in the fashion culture  ever since high school when she directed for her first fashion show. Her journey began back in College when she acquired the position as the Fashion Columnist for her college newspaper. She began writing weekly articles for her college on the latest trends, popular beauty tricks and all things pertaining to fashion. Soon after, she also became a Creative Director and Stylist for fashion shows on/off campus; as well as a Coordinator for several media publicized events on campus including leadership conferences.  Schuntel Alexis took this responsibility very seriously and thus, began to do more vintage shopping with friends and assisted with styling them for events they were attending. Soon, after graduating from College, she began researching and studying fashion while creating her very own fashion blog entitled, “Ms. Style and Grace” where she offered fashionable advice and wrote daily about the fashion happenings in the world we live on a weekly basis. In addition to becoming a Fashion Blogger, she enrolled in graduate school to obtain her M.S. degree in Management with a Specialization in Marketing to acquire more skills and knowledge in the field of business and marketing. Her unique perspective has been enabled by her world-traveler parents and foreign background to always excel and maximize your full potential.

Schuntel Alexis is passionate about making women feel beautiful beginning inside out so she has volunteered and done countless community service to help women look and feel their best. Schuntel Alexis is an avid believer that confidence is the key to looking your best because what you wear can speak volumes, so she is dedicated to giving back to women that have difficulty with finding their own personal style. She is a style guru on the rise, given the opportunity she will exceed your expectations. Schuntel Alexis is recently self-published her very first book, “It These Heels Could Talk” set to release November 2018.